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(RxWiki News) If you have a typical office-based job, you may need to get more physical activity during your workdays to stay healthy. Here’s how to do that.

Check out these five simple ways to move more at work.

1. Go to the Bathroom on a Different Floor

There is probably an accessible bathroom on your floor, but that’s true of every floor in your office building. So, why not mix it up so you have to move more to get there?

Try it out: When you need to use the restroom, walk to the stairs, go to a different floor and use that floor’s restroom. This could easily double or triple the amount of movement it usually takes to get you to the restroom.

2. Stand During Meetings

Maybe standing all day at a standing desk isn’t for you, but you can add more movement to your workday without going all-in on a standing desk. Instead, just stand during meetings.

The hours will quickly build up over the week. By the end of the week, you might have stood five or more hours than you would have during a normal week.

3. Take the Stairs

The elevator isn’t mandatory. You can take the stairs to get up to your office, and maybe you should if you want to get more movement in your workday. Going up just a few flights of stairs can get the heart pumping and the blood moving.

4. Walk, Don’t Email

Your coworkers are just down the hall or around the corner, but you probably email them several times per day. What if you didn’t? What if you walked to their desks and chatted with them instead of sending the email?

It won’t work for every situation, but even if it only works once per day, you get a walk and a friendly chat out of it.

5. Pick the Far-Away Copy Machine

Even if you don’t make copies, you probably use some kind of machine in the office. If you have choices of which machine to use, pick the one that is farthest from your desk. Over time, the extra movement to get there and back will add up.

Talk to your health care provider before making any major changes to your physical activity routines.


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