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  • Solid Foods, Better Sleep? | RxWiki - (RxWiki News) Introducing solid foods to your infant's diet before 6 months of age could improve his or her sleep, according to a new study. Although the World Health Organization recommends exclusively breastfeeding infants until they are 6 months old, many mothers say they introduce solid foods before this time, according to the study authors.
  • A Mental Health Benefit of Folic Acid in Pregnancy - (RxWiki News) Eating foods enriched with folic acid during pregnancy may be more beneficial than once thought. A new study found a link between exposure to folic acid during pregnancy and changes in children's brain development that may be linked to a lower risk for certain mental illnesses later in life. In 1996, the US
  • Keep Your Head in the Game This Summer - (RxWiki News) Concussions don't just happen to football players. In fact, these brain injuries can happen while riding a bicycle, in the home or on the playground. Read on to learn how to stay safe this summer. A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury that typically happens when a blow to the head or
  • Check Your Medicine: Blood Pressure Rx Recalled - (RxWiki News) If you take valsartan or a product containing valsartan, you may have a recalled and potentially dangerous medication in your medicine cabinet, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned. The FDA is notifying patients about a voluntary recall of five valsartan-containing products from three different drug companies. Valsartan is a common medication
  • Stress-Free Summer | RxWiki - (RxWiki News) Summer isn't only about swimming and vacations — it can be a stressful time for many people. If you are stressed this summer, try these five tips. Stress is part of everyday life. In fact, sometimes it's normal and not all bad. It can actually motivate people to prepare or perform. For example,

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  • Medical Supplies - We are Contracted Medical Equipment Providers for Medicare, Medicaid, Group Health,  and TRICARE. Will bill all other insurances on your behalf. Below are a list of services we provide, to the right are some of the products we offer. If you don’t see what you are looking for we have many more vendors we can
  • Daily Health Screenings - Daily Health Screenings  All of the tests listed below are done by our pharmacists , and the results are available in 5-10 minutes. Upon completion of the test, we are happy to take the time and thoroughly go over the results, what they mean to you, and what the next step may be. We also have

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