Padek Healthcare provides individuals with Anemia with medication. The treatment depends on the cause, which might be lack or disease associated. We offer an extensive strategy with injection training, observation of drug interactions and negative effects, with computerized drugs profiles. Our committed staff provides support, consultations, and educational materials to improve medication adherence.

Anemia is a condition in which one’s body does not produce enough red blood cells. Specifically, Anemia in males occurs when the red blood cells produced are less than 13.5g/100 ml. In females, the Anemic level is considered around or below 12 gram/100 ml.

Some people with Anemia do not have any symptoms of the problem. However, others might feel exhausted, dizzy, have shortness of breath, and/or the feeling of a racing heart.

It’s significant if you think because there are multiple kinds of anemia you might have anemia to speak with your doctor and distinct medications are needed for every kind. In order to assist in preventing certain kinds of anemia focus on consuming foods high in iron. For example, lentils /beans, oysters, leafy vegetables, direct red meat, fish, and dried fruits are filled with iron and may help to keep iron levels ordinary.

We can help all anemic patients with drug interactions, monitoring side effects and injection training through our extensive approach, with computerized medication profiles. Whether your anemia is brought on by a deficiency or is ailment related, our committed staff provides support, consultations, and educational materials to enhance drug adherence. We provide hydroxyurea to help you deal with your anemia in the most effective method possible.