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(RxWiki News) Many people are concerned about how COVID-19 might affect their pets. Here’s what you need to know.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has set out to answer questions about how coronavirus affects your furry friends. The information is limited at this time, but the risk of pets spreading the virus in people is thought to be low.

In some situations, it appears that the virus can indeed spread from people to animals. In fact, there have been some reports of a small number of animals, including dogs and cats, infected with the virus. These animals were in close contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19, the FDA noted.

However, the agency stated that there is no evidence to support that animals play a big role in spreading the virus.

Although there is no evidence that shows the virus that causes COVID-19 can be transmitted from the skin, fur or hair of pets to humans, the FDA recommended that all pet owners continue to practice healthy habits. These habits include washing your hands before and after touching your pet. In some cases, pets can carry other germs that can make humans sick.

Because there is still more to learn about the virus, the FDA listed the following precautions to help protect your pets:

  • Avoid letting your pets interact with people or animals other than those in your household.
  • When walking your dogs, do so on a leash and maintain at least six feet from other animals and people.
  • Avoid going to public places like the dog park.

Testing your animals for the virus is not recommended at this time, according to the FDA.

If you are sick or think you are sick with COVID-19, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended limiting contact with your pets. This is the agency’s recommendation until it gets more information about coronavirus and how it does and does not spread.

If your pet is sick, speak with your pet’s veterinarian.


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