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(RxWiki News) The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the first new retinoid for acne in more than 20 years.

This new approval is found under the names Aklief (brand name) and trifarotene (active ingredient). The FDA approved this medication to treat acne in those who are 9 years old and older.

It is available as a cream and is to be applied to the affected areas once a day. The cream is to be applied in the evening on clean and dry skin.

Aklief is approved to treat acne found on the face (forehead, cheeks, nose and chin), chest, shoulders and back.

Common side effects include irritation, redness, stinging/burning and itching at the application site. This medication can lead to scaling and dry skin. To help alleviate these side effects, the manufacturer recommends applying a moisturizer.

Trifarotene can also lead to sunburns. Minimize your time in the sun and your exposure to sunlamps. When you can’t avoid sun exposure, wear protective clothing and use sunscreen.

The FDA granted approval of Aklief to Galderma.

If you have any questions about acne or acne treatments, speak with your health care provider.

Written by Anyssa Garza, PharmD, BCMAS


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